Emancipated by your love, I cling on the strings, stringing the ping, to the fine tune of agreed resettlement.
The chords of your ribs pleasantly drip the leaching affection of allured scrutiny, I’m addicted.
Your B flats soothing my G minor, Trapping the constant harps that kept me rhetorically in tune.
In your wings, I declared you king with gratitude. Asking your approval,  I’m axing a removal of the untold anecdotes, where pain, misery, grief, disappointment, discomfort seduce the attention of my alternating confusion. Confusion? Yes, the diffusion, of across-breed. A mixture of daily delusions and mystical illusions illustrated in sentimental contemplation of hope. My heart bleeds and leeches on your reach.
I have been raffling on so let me simplify it.
I was lost before you found me.
I was caught up in the unfortunate fans of love.
You gave me a difference.
You gave me a sweet taste of purity and I clung on. I fed on the little ounce of tolerance and attention you gave me.
I craved you. I longed for your moments.
Your name springing up in my notification excites the youth in me.
I think by now you understand what I mean so let me rhyme a little.
Attracted by your personality.
I waited on reality.
I abated the rurality of your hidden characteristics.
Elated I am, to meet a being fitted with quality.
Exalted in your sedulity,
Graced in Humility.
I’m exasperated to know you.
All I want now is you, mine



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