What type of Christian are you?

I am a collection of biblical autonomy.

Governing my heart from all the world’s expectations.

I am a division.

Separated at birth from the innocence of deception.

I am a body.

Whose parts ignite flames in celebration of individualism. Yet a common denominator is found beneath the bones of my camouflage.

I am a receiver.

Passively awaiting the next tangible instructions.

I am a linguist.

Studying the pot holes found in the loophole of irreconcilable differences.

I am a certificate.

Awarding my acceptance to be owned by scepticism.

I am a column.

Outlining the rigid tables, why which all things are to be assigned to.


A monotheistic faith with many strings of attachment.

We have classified our beliefs to the categorization of our habitation.

We found comfort in pointing out the differences in our nature.

“a black man has to do black things.

A white man can only do certain things.”

Our clouded interpretation has led to the misrepresentation of belief.

Our black man has become a catholic who must attend mass at 6 am every day. Hailing to the politics which hailed his discrepancies as he hailed Mary.

Our white man a Pentecostal, who must refrain his wife from wearing trousers to church.

Offering must be taken by an audition of subject opinion.

The congregation seated as judges to themselves.

Hair tied as their ears tied to the sight that seeks human approval. Heirs tied as their fears tied them to conforming to the ways of the world.

A religion made out of the conceited agreements of stakeholders. Pushing money into the secularization of being a follower.

A market drawn by those stakeholders who preach monetary policies as to fiscal policies, because too much of the strings are being pulled by the government.

You are being given the chance to choose what type of Christian you are.

Weigh what differences are being held but the different competitors and from how strictly tithes are being scrutinized.


The religion of Christianity has been made a market, where our leaders act as governments and our deacons stakeholders.


I am not defined by what type of Christian I am but the principles of my god. My obedience to my god and my craving for him.


‘abide in me and me in you’

Accept me and I will accept you.


Isn’t the desire for god enough to make you a Christian?


~ I am a Christian.

I believe Jesus died for my sin

He is my Lord and Saviour. ~


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