And then it stopped

The laughs and smiles drew blood, raging, raving in the continuous war rendered against our happiness

The bed of roses we fermented the seeds we picked from the honeymoon on, became the thorns that picked the flesh that grew fresh with every speech

The conversations grow more intense

With every hello received like a subpoena to testify against the defences interior motives.

I love you is not a virtue, that needs earning, but everyone has it but you.

A love that was once so free, now a prison trial because both sides are now made to prove themselves worthy and true. Or condemned the custodial sentence of being labelled a liar.

A knife that’s sharpened by every tongue twister and cuts deeper than the legendary two-edged sword.

But anyway we are here….

At crossroads between moving on together or going our separate ways.

The man who became the air I inhaled is now cutting his supplies.

It’s getting hard to breathe.

I’m suffocating…

Maybe tonight he might end it.

All I know is God has to intervene

Because I’m scared, tonight I might die.




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