My heart sings

We stand in awe at Your throne of worship.
United, in sync, delight in our worship
Like a sponsorship for the Lordship, it’s all for your Ownership.
But hold on, we should slow down the intricacies…see it’s not about owning a ship but in humility becoming a sheep.
Not to feed and sleep, but reach and leap for Your heart to keep,
Believe Me.
It’s not about grieving, after all what will we achieve?
So perceive this……Thanksgiving.
‘”Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” (Pause)
He is good, so good, the word under qualifies in expression.
His love, O’ His love …..unequivocally our possession.
Do you recognize how favored we are to receive an enduring love even if at times our hearts deem it unrequited, unrequited yet in all provided

O’ my heart sings.
As the violins, the trumpets and the sound of the horns make a joyful noise before the King
Our Lord.
Like David in Psalm 98:6 as He worshipped in awe of a merciful gracious God.

O’ my heart sings,
Not because it is following the instructions of my mother seated to my left or my father to the right… but because he has done exceedingly in my life.

O’ my heart sings
As the bells ring
Proclaiming its time for church to begin.
Let the church say Amen.
If He makes your heart sing…..
Let the church say Amen

As men glee

If you’ve not found a reason to sing…. Considers this……

A man walked into a bar to have a drink with some friends and catch up on life. Upon sitting down, he encountered another man seated on the table next to them. Who then opened fire…within 2 minutes the event she planned profusely became a one way ticket to meet her maker…Paris 2016… Brussels, Germany, America, Britain, Turkey,  Nigeria.

And in the midst of world chaos your life remained preserved.
So if I stand in gratitude of Him…it’s because this morning one was admitted to Korle Bu and shortly passed away… I’m still here.

Clothed, Fed, Glorified

So forgive me if I stand in front of you all a bad boast.

It’s simply because My heart sings.


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