You and I

And then it all made sense
The challenges to the malfunctioning in my irregularities was solved by a heart beat
Synced softly and gracefully, rhythmically it syncopated
the thud that thumped my organs to jump
You made sense.
Completing my sentences
You were the yin, severally I mis-yan
Till the Miss became the title I now associate with.
So it was meant to be.
You made me realize the importance of being a lady.
Being a girl was never enough.
Because as long as I identified with my immaturity you were never enough.
We’ve not always walked on rulers, but no crooked line could crook me away from the Queen you always saw me as.
Love didn’t always have to be in highlights because the pencil scribbling tinted the pages each passing day erased.
It became a muse
Longevity carved its piece
Faulty eyes say it as a misfit
But God signed it a masterpiece.


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