Romans 4

Romans 4


If you are waiting on the Lord for something, stand firm. Stand firm on the word of God that He will do ‘exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to His riches…’

Be sure to focus on the Word of God and find strength in it because doubts  will come and fear will come, especially when you are waiting. When you are in the moments of being tired of waiting, remember that God can never allow anything to come on you than you can bear and that God is NEVER late.

We read Romans 4 last week and we are told the story of Abraham. Abraham waited for the promises of God for a long time. In verse 14, Paul explains how Abraham assessed his situation. He knew what was being promised was physically impossible but his faith in God led to him trusting the impossibility with a possible God. Verse 20 explains that he did not waver through unbelief.

Many of us have lost many things God intended for us by doubting in our wait. But as His compassion is renewed every morning, know that His promises are new every morning. Find strength in His word as you wait on the Lord and let not doubt create a fear in your heart.

This last month of 2016, we will see the hand of God move in such a miraculous way that what was intended for His people in the year of 2016 they shall receive. Standing firm this faith we proclaim that God has the power to do more than what He has promised and He will do it.


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