Money or God? Both!!

I am broke!!!

A condition that struck fear into the acceptance of my cerebral cortex

Being so careful in the delegation of responsibilities, I didn’t foresee the failure in the cost benefit analysis, I hurriedly drew.

For someone who was always in charge of my next move, this sure feels like I’ve been shot!!!!

Shot with rounds of negligence, loaded in the barrels of expectation…

Am I dying?

Or maybe, it was rather the immaturity of my younger youth, haunting the shadows of my adulthood. The fearlessness and risk taking got me nowhere.

I couldn’t quite understand what was going on inside of me but all I knew is that my reality slapped me in the face and I was broke beyond the capabilities of my bank account.

My brain begun jumping into conclusions.

Maybe I give too much to people, or was it that month I forgot my tithe and now life’s giving its due course?

But the was money in my account yesterday and I only bought one affordable lipstick, primer, mascara,moisturizer, essential oils and of the cheap African soap.

I don’t know what’s going on with my account or my world but all I know is I need help.

This actioned the frequent loop of borrowing and asking for money from people who barely had some to live on but the fact I have to get to work is more important so  give me all you’ve got.

It became an addiction. I was addicted to using up all my wealth for whatever and then borrowing to get by.

I mean I am a Christian, a practicing one at that, not the labelled one, so this shouldn’t be my situation.

I know that we have to speak prophetically over our situation but the minute I finish praying and start setting into the realms of my reality, my lack and needs come knocking.

I have been speaking prophetically but it seems I’m so broke even faith and wisdom had betrayed me.

All my life I’ve been devoted to the service of God and this is how He repays me?

Confusion in my broke-ness? This can’t be right.

Is God second guessing His promises now?


This is the situation of many Christians around the world, even myself most of my life.

Sometimes I feel like or questions and doubt to God leaves Him in a state of chuckle. Because He’s giving us all the answers we require on earth yet we still pick and choose the ones which are workable to us.

Do you understand who God is to you? some of these questions should never creep into our lives or hearts but then the devil is always alert looking for opportunities of exploit so it shouldn’t surprise us.

If you are going through the scenario above, first of all Relax!!


It seems impossible amidst all you are going through financially but which master do you serve? God or money?

As Christians, we were created to obtain wealth. Yes you can be a billionaire and a christian, it is possible.

The problem doesn’t come from the money itself, the problem come from the ‘love of money’.

If you are in a situation where the scenario above is repeating itself ever so often then you need to engage in serious prayer.

Pray, because it is a lesson that just happens to be on repeat in your life.

Have you ever asked God why?

Try it. He’ll probably take you back to your spending habits.

Most of my personal lessons on finances happen to be on discipline.

If you have employment and this is still your situation be very careful.

I needed to learn when spending was too much and was everything I’m buying really important to me? Most times it wasn’t. It was just so I’d be able to say I have it.

There’s a lesson for every situation you are going through. Money is one God has to really work on with us because it’s so easy to fall into the dip of love for money. It may even lead you to a point of craving. I know people who work all the time to have more and more money just for the point of saying they have money and then blowing it on ‘nothings’ when the opportunity presents itself.

Therefore, your intentions behind the acquisition of money matters also.

Do you give to those in need?

Do you pay your tithes?

Do you donate to church project or give yourself to those projects?

When you get money, do you mainly spend it on yourself or save to invest in wealth generating enterprises?

Money is of this world, and if God is taking you through a few repeated lessons or first time lesson. Relax, take time out and access your use of money. It may be that you are developing a love for money and this will lead you away from God.

Remember you can only serve one master, it’s either you love one and hate the other. you will be devoted to one and despise the other you cannot serve both God and money – Matthew 6:24

If you are reading this and in a situation like myself take heart. God knows what you are going through and a solution is coming. Whether it’s coming in the form of a lesson or immediate answer, know and believe this God loves you. Even in your ‘brokeness’ God loves you. Take being broke with a pinch of salt.

For many people its possibly a pit-stop for you to change your current situation and begin afresh in the wealth and dynamic God created you to walk in.



Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5



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