God’s best came with you

Held a guard up because life was to go my way. Happy ever afters proved themselves a Disney fantasy, so  I thought you were the piece I never needed. My heart has always been comfortable with selfishness but then I met you and your wit. It begun to associate with me. And even questioned if it could be love. A reality I refused till I encountered you and you taught me how to…

Goes beyond the noun of affection or the verb of being in love with…

Opened my eyes to see  visions of eternal peace, joy and happiness. My heart felt this all in one. My feet have been walking in it since God introduced us with Hello.

I had a checklist that you had to meet and check all the boxes correctly and in sync.

better than deceiving you with the false pretence of what I thought love was. This was actually a biblical checklist.

He had to be patient
He had to be kind
He must not envy
Be the best I could find
He must not be proud, dishonest  or self-seeking.
He can’t get angry easily
But must forget my wrongs easily.
He must be light to my truth, keep the evil away.
Must be my protection, one I trust and find hope in.
My love must be so important he works hard to preserve it
No matter how hard the times get, the love must never fail us.

It seemed like a long list but he exceeded all these expectations.
It got to a point that it became second nature to me. There was nothing special about it.

He loved me beyond words and I loved him beyond actions
We found a place called home, his heart is where I rest.

And then I noticed time at work. Late nights and early morning.
Long phone calls and constantly day dreaming.
He starting introducing prayers and fasts, and on days I couldn’t,  he did it for the both of us.
He would make up many excuses to spend time with me because I asked him to.

I found a new way to love him everyday.
It was amazing, refreshing and still true.

See, he cleaned the self-love from my eyes and taught me how to sharpen myself to see God’s love.

Today is 2 relationship years out of 6 together years.

And you’ve taught me, love is more than 1 Corinthians 13, real love is the sacrifice of life. Like how Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can understand the love of God.
Joshua you die to yourself everyday so I may feel like the Queen you call me.

May God bless you
May God shine His light on you.
May He give you strength
And may He shelter, protect and provide everyday.

I Love You So much.

Till eternity and beyond

Happy anniversary


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  1. Wildo says:

    This is beautiful really.. Looks like you have something wonderful going on.. God Bless It

    Liked by 1 person

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