Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Never forget why we (Christians ) celebrate Christmas.

The world today is so consumed with the buying of expensive gifts, partying till late and excessive eating, that we have forgotten about the man whose birthday it is…Jesus.

When we look at the bible, the birth of Jesus was celebrated.

In Luke 2, we are told the account of Jesus’s birth:
– the angel told them the birth was to bring a ‘great joy’ to all people.
– a great company of heavenly hosts appeared, singing and praising.

Heaven rejoices at the birth of Jesus so why must we make excuses not to celebrate?

The Bible does not tell us to celebrate Jesus’s birth on the 25th December, however it does tell us that the day will cause great joy for all man. Irrespective of what day it is we must set apart a day to recognise this.

Christmas is Christmas because of Christ.

Take God out of Christmas and you are just looking for just another holiday.

Many people have argued that their reason for not celebrating Christmas is because of the day’s pagan affiliation. And although many scholars have proved this true, I believe as believers we are to look beyond the secularism and inject it with a little God.

We go through the year barely remembering what we did, ate, or read the day before. If the day reminds many of how sacred the birth of Jesus is and how important it was for those that experienced it 2000+ years ago, that it changed the world. Then we are to truly celebrate the life of Christ and look back on the year and how faithful God has been to us.
Honestly, I see no harm in celebrating Christmas on the 25th December.
It is a celebration.
We celebrate his death so why then must we run from his death. After all, man must be born before he dies.

No matter how much the world tries to impose its knowledge on Christmas, it’s more than just a holiday.
It’s a day of hope, joy, love and new beginnings.
It prepares the mind for the new year, a week ahead.

Taking Christ out of Christmas is removing love, hope salvation from the world.

I mean we are now told to say Happy holidays, so we do not offend those who do not believe in God or Jesus Christ.
What a load of rubbish.

Well my response to that is

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S.

Remember the real reasons why we celebrate this glorious day. Many have no family to celebrate this day with or anything to eat. Be a Shepherd to them. Be a wise man to them. Go to them and give them gifts. It’s not a day that people ought to spend alone. Mary and Joseph were not alone. Jesus was not alone. So others shouldn’t be either. Do something good for at least one person today. I challenge you to

Make a difference.  Be a difference.


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