Dear heaven,

His aura was delightful

Sweet, welcoming and completely likeable.

He challenged the perception of man to move beyond the prospect and inspect what they thought was their directive.

A character unlike any other.

A mind that moved nations

A being filled with intelligence, eccentricity, and class.

Ladies and gentleman, this was my grandpa.

The embodiment of what the world struggle to identify as gentleman.

His presence honourable and graceful.

A man filled with ambition, he motivated, encouraged and pushed all to reach beyond what you think is your ability.

His soft-spoken nature could deter corticosteroids from being released from the adrenal cortex.

He moved beyond the science or things and was a product of compassion.

A paradox in the life form because his job consisted of processing theories and methods with relation to computation in correspondence with computing systems.

However, he had one automating algorithm process for all — L O V E

He was love personified, love devoted and love embraced.

With a personality as soft as German cookies, his memories will for ever linger.

The story of the German cookies go as such:

In secondary school, I studied basic German ( Ich kann nicht so gut deutsch).   This was enjoyable for me as I had a grandpa who fluently spoke German, sometimes better than he spoke English. Which was understandable, he lived and worked in Germany. I would occasionally come home from school and grandpa would call.

‘Guten abend, wie gehts es dir?’ ‘Mir gehts gut Opa,’

And so our conversation would go. One day grandpa asked me what I wanted for Christmas as it was a month away. I was puzzled, from the excitement of such a question my mind drew blank. So as a safe path to follow I requested he surprised me. I had to go and do other chores so our conversations ended there.

3 days to Christmas, a package came through the post, it was from grandpa.

‘What is it?  what is it? I persistently pestered my mother about it.

‘You would find out on Christmas day.’ Was her go to response.

The night before Christmas, my dad would open the box and place everyone’s in the fridge, each individual had their name on their.

It’s German cookies.

It was soft to the tongue and the ones with chocolate in them melted on your tongue.

It was delightful.

‘Thank you Grandpa, this is the best cookies I’ve ever tasted’ was the response almost every year because each year was a different cookie. Nuremberg’s finest.

It became a Christmas tradition.

The cookies, I will miss receiving every Christmas, because the heart from whom they were presented no longer beats in the midst of mortals.

It is now in a place where man calls asystolic,

No continuation, no progression our physical journey ends here.

Our conversations have reached a full stop.

Grandpa I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch often. I tried to but the emails were not sending through

I’m sorry I was too busy tell you about graduation.

Es tut mir leid.

The heavens received you too quickly.

Opa, ich bin nicht gut

Sie links zu früh

Bis gleich

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe

Ich werde dich vermissen

Auf wiedersehen.

Ich liebe dich Opa 

Ruhe in Frieden Opa



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