Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

Romans 10:17


Faith comes through hearing.

When we hear the word of God, we take in God. That is why it is important to study the word of God. It is important to allow the word to penetrate every corner of your life. That is how faith is planted, watered and it grows.


Before we get to the dynamics it’s important you understand the basics of faith.

What is faith?


The Bible provides the perfect explanation of

‘…..confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.’


(Hebrews 11:1)


Other biblical versions  explain that

It is an ‘assurance’ (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the ‘evidence of things not seen’ [the conviction of their reality–faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].


Faith moves beyond the physical.


It’s not a concept devised out of nothing. It has worked for men who have come before us.

This world is filled with so much complexities, it is by faith that we understand them.

For example, when we consider how the world is framed, created and put in place by the word of God, it is by faith that we understand this. Science may offer one plausible explanation, however, ‘religion’ offers science a more detailed explanation. By application of faith the two theoretical prospects work in sync. There’s not one without the other.



Faith is vital in the life of the individual.

It is but faith we pray. It is also by faith our prayers are answered.

It is by faith we experience and please God.

Relationship with God moves beyond the physical. God reveals Himself to us in a spiritual realm and this manifests itself in the physical.

It is until one is fully ready and willing to give up the boundaries of physicality that faith moves them beyond what they believe they can do.


Many believe that was when one chooses to follow Christ they ultimately adopt a parochial attitude. The Bible becomes the manual which initiates the being into the spectrum of ‘illiberalism’.


Look at it from this stance, the minute you give yourself to Christ. You begin you move beyond the realm of myths and facts. Your abilities become your common ground and your aspirations aim literally for the stars. This is because there’s only one way in Christ and that is up. You become open to love in all essence and to all presence. You begin to see beyond flaws and wrongs and you embrace love.


This does not mean that you allow everything into the heart or into the soul. No. It comes with a little precaution.

Almost like a pop up from your antiviral application on the computer, whenever you are entering a browser prone to viruses.

The Bible is more than a book, it’s life. The words are life. They do not change. However, they adapt to every situation in an unchangeable way.

How does it become life?

Through meditation.

The Bible instructs us to meditate on the word day and night so we may live long (Joshua 1:8).

It’s like going to battle with a weapon you do not know how to use. Holding a gun like a knife and stabbing people with it

It looks silly. So we must know the bible. The word of God and how to use them.

That comes through faith.


Faith is embracing God.

Whether you are religious or not?

Whether you believe in God or not

We all have faith.

We move by faith

Live by faith

Act on faith.

Faith is everywhere.


We have days where we do not feel like living but we do it.

Days where we do not have a dime to our name,

Days where we venture a business deal blindfolded and it doesn’t fall through.

Days where the daily bread looks non-existent but we eat to the extent we put on weight at the end of the day, week, month.

Days when people give you money without asking.

Days where people all of a sudden remember you in a favourable way and act on it.


Faith is all around us.


What matters most is where the faith lies.



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