30 minutes and more

July 2016, I was in Accra, Ghana, at a Bible study, which is weekly held at The Makers House Chapel International.

One of the ministers asked, who here prays everyday? Hurriedly all hands raced up. To which she responded ‘very good’.

This prompted a second question. ‘ who here prays for at least 30 minutes everyday, before they start their daily activities?’

To which about 5% of all attendants lifted their hands and to those whose hands felt short of this conviction, their eyes were quick to scan through the auditorium.

It seemed funny till I found myself spearheading this surveillance operation. The realisation sunk me deep beyond my seat, I was definitely not looking forward to the minister’s response.

But surely the fact that I pray is enough, right God?

Well yes, but then the minister gave this example which was later developed by the pastor.

We have 24 hours in one day,

We sleep for 8 hours in this day (some less)

How long do you spend on the phone to others?

How long do you spend on the loo?

How long do you spend cooking/ eating?

How long do you spend in travel?



So surely half an hour in your long day is nothing.


Thinking about it from this spec, we have dealt unfairly to God.


If you had to be at work at 4:30am. Many would set alarms for 3am or even 2am to make sure they get there on time but when it comes to the presence of God, alarms are hardly set, people don’t see it as a paid necessity to deliver the punctual precedence it requires.


But consider this:


If God did not show up on time for you, would you be alive today?

Think about the accident you missed or the promotion at work.

If God’s favour was absent because you weren’t a necessity, would you be in your position today?


As the famously quoted bible verse goes,

‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…….’

Put  God first in all you do.


And as to the duration,  It is fully up to the grateful content heart.

No one can tell you that.


As you spend time with God, ask him to teach you how to pray.

This is very crucial.

The more time you spend in His presence, the more you’d learn to enjoy it.


So next time it’s asked, who prays for half an hour or more? Your hands will also flag up.








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