Proper Worship

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

Romans 12:1



Broken, beaten, bruised I knelt before Him.

Shamefully I hid the mask that had protected the sacred gift He gave me on my first ever birthday party – the first day I met Him.

My voice unable to construct a clear sentence.

Tears glided passionately down my cheeks.

The atmosphere, tender in its expression.

I felt numb.


‘I’m sorry’ – I murmured.


The ground beneath me disappeared, as though they had been ushered to take cover.

The air particles stood still.


‘ I don’t deserve this’ – softly spoken.


The lack of strength in the words which poured out of my mouth, wiped deceit from my face.


I was bare, I felt bare

Barely enough.

Barely right.



She continued to demand the pity of the environment.

But the overwhelming ambiance of the room grew dim.

It became dark.

Her heart stricken with fear, as her ears imagined a thousand and one possibilities.

Her palms rushed for each other

Nervousness attacked her lips that remained still.

Her eyes went out of business.

She felt a touch,

So silent yet dramatic, it alerted the oculomotor, trochlear, and adbucens nerves to innervate muscles which glorified her sight.

For a moment, she forgot how to breathe.

Her eyes beheld a sight indescribable.

A light, so bright it was blinding.

Aureate, yet so fluorescent.


‘ Be still’ – a thunder echoed.

A force so powerful it froze the teardrops on her face and moved her being into shock. Her heart stopped beating and begun seeing.

She found peace.


Her minds eye tried to interrupt the moment with screnshots of why she was incompetent, but her heart kicked her realisation into accepting her environment.

Her present state.

It was before God.




God wants your heart and your life.

No matter the state of it.

No matter how many holes are in you, only He can fix it.

No one can surrender your life to Christ but you. It is your life.

Don’t think because you are endowed in sin, you cannot present your life to Christ.

Doing that undermines how great He is.

He created the world out of nothing remember.


Moreover, don’t compare someone’s holiness with yours.

Our paths differ.

The one who looks holy may have demons crazier than yours.

It’s the job of God to judge not yours. Yours is to focus on you.


Go before God as you are.

Offer Him the chance to be God in your life.

Surrender to Him.


The fact that in your brokenness you acknowledge Lord as God is worship.

You are acknowledging that although you followed your own lead which led to the mess you are or are in,

God is still your foundation.

Although you ran away from home, you know where home is and it is in the presence of the Father.



Your body, your life, your surrender,


Now that’s proper worship


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