God’s rest

Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.

Hebrews 4:1


He is the God of yesterday, today and of tomorrow ( forever)

He does not change and same is spoken for His Word.

He promises to give us rest when we come before Him weary and with our heavy loads. It’s a promise of old but still stands in the new. The fulfilment of the promise rests on your fulfilment of the latter instruction in the passage.

Be sure in yourself not to have fallen short of the promise. Make sure you are not deemed unworthy of it.


‘ Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’

Matthew 1:28


The promise of God’s rest is not a new concept when reaffirmed in Matthew. It’s a promise God made in Exodus.


‘ The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ‘

Exodus 33:14


Entering God’s rest is a promise that all believers are to experience in their relationship with God when we go to Him (In His presence). That’s why He instructs us to ‘come’ before him. Rest can only be given when we ‘go to’ Him.


What is God’s rest?


The understanding of Gods rest is best seen from looking at the tabernacle in the old testament and the tabernacle of the new testament and its correlation with the presence of God.

When we look at the bible and the structure of God’s tabernacle, it had different sections. The first section was regarded as the outer room. This was the Holy Place. Priests were allowed in and here they would perform divine worship, which often involved rituals. The second section was known as the Holy of Holies; only the high priest was allowed here. It was a section covered by a veil approx. 42ft long and in width was approx. 6ft (incredibly thick). This was called the inner room. Once a year the high priest would go in (only the high priest can go in, no one else), but before he goes in, he must wash his feet and hands. The concept here is that he must be clean. However, a rope was tied around his waist in case he was to go unclean. The presence of God was so powerful he would die, so it was to enable men on the outside to pull him out. It was sacred. There, he would meet with God. He would take with him a sacrifice and make an atonement for the people. – (Hebrews 9)


The promise of God’s rest was given to God’s people in the days of Moses. Their journey was to God’s promise land. But because they couldn’t clean their hearts and acts, they continually defiled God and in God’s anger, the judgement was placed on them that no one would see the promise land. This was true.


We see the promise of Gods rest again in Matthew, in alignment with Jesus and his purpose. When Jesus Christ came, he appeared as the High Priest. When He tore the veil that separated the sections. He tore the regulations. Everyone was now able to communicate with God. We could now go before the presence of God. The presence which brought rest. However, the rules has not changed. Before going before going to God we must be clean. We must wash ourselves.

When God tore the veil as Jesus was on that cross , He unravelled a new covenant. As the High Priest, Jesus went before the Holy of Holies in Heaven and offered His blood for our atonement. He went before the presence of God to obtain eternal redemption for you and I. Which made Him the mediator and negotiator of the new covenant which reunites God with man. There is now no veil restricting us from the rest God promises us in His presence but the one you have placed up yourself.


Sometimes we let the veil of bitterness, anger, grudge, pain, hurt and others cover us from the presence of God. But the veil was torn a long time ago so we may boldly approach the throne of God. And in His presence find a peace that surpasses all understanding and an eternal rest. It took God’s people in the old testament 40 years to do a 4 day journey and they still never saw the promise land.

Don’t veil yourself from God’s rest.


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