Notes on purpose:

1) Every product a manufacturer makes, they put their name on it.

2) The name or symbol of a manufacturer is an image and It is the last thing they put on their product.

3) The image is only put on when the product is finished.

4) Before it is pronounced finished, they test it. No product leaves a manufacturing plant unless it is tested. They test every product.

5) They finish it before it leaves the plant. They are so sure it works they put a manual on it. The manual contains what the phone can do because they’ve already tested it.

3) after it’s all tested and its finished they put their image on it.

6) Most people never read the whole manual to the back pages so never understand all the functions of the product.

7) The last 2 pages of the manual always has two words. Warranty and guarantee.

—–> Laws were given to guarantee success

8) It often contains a warranty that if any thing goes wrong, all cost to repair or replacement is on the manufacturer, they will replace it or repair it at their expense.

9) They do all of that for their name sake. They are protecting their reputation.

10) sometimes a company will recall their products at their expense. It is not for you but their name because There’s nothing more expensive than their name.

11) The success of their product protects the reputation of a company because it has their name on it.


Same applies to God.

– When God decided to create a product called man, he tested man before He put His image on man.

– You did not begin when God created you.

– God reveals Jeremiah (1:5) – before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God already tested you. He knew you. ( If God says you are a prophet, it is no introduction. God already tested you)

– When you are born God puts His image on you. You are born the finished product. You came to earth because you are finished.

– When God released you, you came with everything.

– Like an iPad came with 500 functions but you only use 10.

– You ain’t seen nothing yet.

– You shouldn’t judge anyone.

– The purpose is built into the product.

– You were not built to find your purpose, you were built with your purpose ( that’s why we dream big)

– But your culture has told you who you should be but they have no idea who you are.

– that’s why you must let God( Our manufacturer) be true and every other product a liar. No one knows a product like the manufacturer.

– Success in life is a result of the decisions you make, failure in life is also a result of decisions you make.

– Everybody comes to earth but you decide how much of YOU is manifested.


Everybody becomes what they decide to be.





( credit to the late Dr. Myles Munroe)


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