Fall short

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”

John 7:24


Dipped in rose goodness, her fragrance echoed melodies to the senses of the atmosphere.

Dressed in intricate boldness, her attire speaks volumes of her confidence.

Her dress positioned in place to allow her knees site and her legs delight.

The 6 inches of her heel raised a platform for all standards to fall below her.


‘ You are high and lifted up, Awesome God’


Looped in cohesion with the walls in her room, an atmosphere so uplifting.

Her lips attempted a repetition of this charming but lost sight of the wording, she fell short.


She placed the finishing touches on her glamorous exuberant hair, of which she was proud.

And as she performed the reapplication of her lipstick on her already emphasised lips, 

She looked at the time and screamed:


‘Oh I’m late’


Her attempts to speed up her procedures slowed her down unwillingly.

She grabbed her elegantly formal coat and   walked out the door.


Walked into church, right foot forward, attitude on confidence, she sat down at the direction of the ushers. Who seem so emphatically surprised or could it be shock, at the person by whom they escorted.


All eyes took turns to peep a look. Whispers grew fainter

Pastor grew charged

The men presented smiles before her.


As the air scent spiral echoes of…..

‘ children of today……..’

The way her boldness and confidence received a rain check.


‘Praise the Lord’

Was a letter, she sent blank replies to.


Echoes pierced doubt into her once insecure mind.


Her closed closet became her living reality.


She kept quiet and discreet till the end and   in shame went to greet pastor, so her attendance could be acknowledged and she could leave.


‘Are you a Christian?’ The pastor asked

She replied: ‘Yes all my life’

Pastor: ‘Do you read the bible?’

Her: ‘Yes everyday’


He presents a smile whilst his eyes bled judgement.


‘ It was nice to meet you, see you again next week’


As the clock strikes 12 to church day. Do the garments we place on ourselves reflect the heart wearing it?

Clothed in the world. Attitude dipped in hell. The heart left for God is drenched in judgement.



‘ for ALL have sinned and fall short…’

(Romans 3:23)



We are the piece of God the world sees. Let your attitude and heart speak of God.


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