If Wishes

If wishes were dreams,

I would dream you a boat and travel the world with sweet whispers of ‘let us’ navigating our path.

Soaring on the waves of our worries,

Our doubts, the paddle by which we accelerate.


If wishes became our reality,

I would soak up the uncertainties in your heart and inject your mind with a thousand possibilities.

Our thoughts become our actions.

Our words deposit dream purchases.


If wishes remained imagination,

I’d spend forever fighting the trial of your release.

Terrorising the cells that keep you captive.

I’d become a hostage to my own mind.


If wishes didn’t exist,

I’d live every day reminding you of your great heart.

We would climb every mountain.

Wake up to continental delicacies.

Ride the highway in a Shelby.


If wishes were horses,

beggars would ride.

I would hide fears so we would establish our empire worldwide.

I won’t love you from a thousand miles away,

I would wake up next to you every single day.

From work drop-off to late night takeaways

Going on morning walks and a romantic getaway.


If wishes were true,

The grace we live on would transport me next to you.

I would be in church with you this evening, at bible studies and watching you lead worship.

After service we would kneel at the altar you took me to and thank God, He made wishes true.


I know wishes are real because I asked God for His heart and he gave me you.



– I’m a helpless romantic.



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