The Struggle of Expectation

They say when the going gets tough the tough gets going.

But as easy as this sounds, the going often leaves the tough with no feet to go on.

The pressure of possibilities clouding into perverse judgement.

The need of accomplishment imprisons clarity with the chains of confusion.

In the race to a million, your brain gets there faster than your feet do,

Leaving the hands burdened with the weight of the obstruction.

Is it your family’s social status this time or the bad grade you got in English?

When it comes to plans, you hold noble prizes, when it comes to executions you are still doing resits.

How many more excuses will be enough to justify your failures.

The focus is never aligned.

Zooming into blurred lines has left you distracted from the bigger picture.

Trying is harder when your efforts reap no reward.

Immediate gratification has made her home a comfort to perishable dreams.

We tend to go with the times expecting the times to bend with our every move.

No manual validated that but because we speak it, it must be.

No manual was ever written,

Those who travelled with the wind paved their own course.

But we spend many years backtracking the course of another,

‘Almost’ hitting the trail, forgetting the ones yet to come.

We console ourselves with the mistakes others made, forgetting their mistakes became the compass on their journey to the sun.

We purchase counterfeit compasses and if all else fails we’ll get there through the son.

Stacking racks of pressure on unaccomplished aspirations.

Delivering the letter of acceptance with the cut of the umbilical cord.

Most of us still live in confusion because we battle with labour pains. The contractions damaging our morals.

If we can make sense of what doesn’t matter, it’ll lighten the load of this pressure.

But then that’s the struggle of expectation.



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