Worship is to ‘place above all else’.


The misconception to man’s understanding has got us bowing to our ignorance.

We have limited a God who deserves more than our worship to a side hustle.

And we’ve placed the works of our hands in His place.

A race to meet our own desires has got us praising that 9-5 with complimentary overtime.

Risking our health so we can provide our daily bread through our monthly cheque.

Sunday’s church and rest have been replaced by overtime and pretence.

The ignorant face of man has manipulated the excuse of ‘God is everywhere’, so he can get a few more hours of sleep on a Sunday.

We have made gods out of our jobs and our salary and it’s benefits.

We work longer hours for more benefits, subjecting our worth to merely another’s slave.

We risk health and relationships to sustain these benefits.

A subconscious prison, sentenced to life by those who defined living for us.

We compromise time with God, to make time for the god of our labour.

As long as I read the bible in my 20 minutes breaks, He is still God.

Don’t get me wrong, man was created to work, but man through His work glorified God and made time for daily communion with God. That was his genesis.

But we’ve marked our acts to look for a revelation.

We’ve leaned on our abilities to find our daily bread.

How about your soul?.

Trading its health for your health.

As long as all bills are paid, it’s acceptable to dose off in the middle of prayer.

Ignorantly bashing your value-ascribed worth to God in His face.

He should be content because at least He got the last bit of you, right?

No, life has got you hung up.

You say you know God,

But does the Almighty God know He is your God?

Or does he settle for your sloppy seconds?

I guess I now understand why they say,

Man truly cannot serve two masters.

However, I believe in cohesion.

There is a balance that exists.


Like a confluence, you were created to work and have communion with God.

Make God the Alpha of everything and nothing can rise itself as a contender


Only one must have your worship.

Worship God, the Alpha and Omega.


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