Same feathers

Once bitten, twice shy

But the desperation to keep company has left bruises all over my body.

A confidant, my possession.

I became addicted to you because you were mine.

And time helped us get closer

So no decision of mine was made without you.

You were my solution to being lonely and independent.

I was blinded by your position, I fed off the poison you gave me.

Every story only came with one perspective, yours.

And every opinion had to surrender to yours.

I was obsessed with the dominant drive, with which you did everything so I followed.

Traded my freedom for you to remain mine.

I would forfeit my plans for you to live out your dreams.

I guess we were both lonely and the company of one was more than enough to cure it.

Many opportunities came my way but because it was not approved by you, they walked by.

I silenced my voice to hear yours.

We dressed in the facade of elegance wrapped around the soul of a pauper.

The world watched and ridiculed us.

However, with you on my side, I will not worry.

Your assurance took precedence over your actions.

The illusion of completion in you, took the place of God so I followed.

Enough was enough so arguments started.

I was so hung up on the fights I lost grips of the people trying to hold on to me.

Before I realised I was alone.

And my view of friendship tainted.

I blamed you for everything wrong in my life when the blame was mine.

The truth is the broken fragments of love you showed me scarred me.

And although I was hurt when we split apart, my worry was that I’d be alone again.

Friendship was always a struggle.

But nothing this bad ever felt so good.







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  1. TinzRant says:

    Just happened to come across your post…great poem can really feel the emotion. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Check my post out when you get the chance(I write about topics on relationship) I would love to know your views.

    Liked by 1 person

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