Louder than words

I sat on my bed contemplating where did I go wrong?

I had spent the last few hours wallowing in my flaw and deficiencies that my ‘feelings’ begun to subside.
I’d been a victim of the opinions of others deeming me unworthy because I fell short of their expectations.
The worst part of it wasn’t that I fell sad because of what was said or that my side wasn’t sort after, but rather, that it had such an impact on me.
So I studied The Word, prayed, made declarations but my heart continued to express sadness.
So I went to worship.
And it was in the midst of worship that something dropped in my spirit.
‘ let your praise be louder than your complaints’
My dependency on people’s opinions led to the focus of my worship moving from God to man.
And although the worship occurred from an incident that led to emotional weakness, it was a way for God to work this lesson out with me.
I realised this;
we are in a time where ‘Christians’ declared their faith more than they live out.
We read our bibles and sing all sort of exuberant songs but when faced with difficult situations our emotions cause us to lose sight of our faith.
We begin the critical evaluation of where we went wrong.
It is till your feelings go through the different levels of evaluation that you realise the stage of your relationship with God.
We are treating God like a side hustle to fulfil our desires.
God shouldn’t be a hustle but He is the way the truth and life.
When you realise this and who God is in your life.
Next time you are faced with a situation,
Before all else, let your praise be louder than your complaints.


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